10 Types of Hacker You Must Know About

by Hardik Malhotra

If you wish to know and learn about different types of hackers in the online industry and burst the Hollywood image of a hacker in your mind, so keep reading on…

Whenever we used to imagine a hacker, the first picture that comes in our mind is a shoddy guy wearing a ski-masked glue to is a laptop with green lines of codes on the laptop screen. That’s all dramatic. Yeah, you heard right, this statement doesn’t hold any truth. As we all know that we all had made a thought that hackers are negative peoples in the online world, but we all know there’s more to the story.

Types Of Hackers

As we all know that there are different kinds of guys in this real world that could be a good or a bad guy, but with different shades of personality. The same goes for the term hackers. Hackers vary by their agenda, intention, methodologies and skill practice. So, in this post, we will pen down all the types of hackers in which some would be known by you and some might be not.

All this information will help you out to understand what are the loopholes ( vulnerabilities ) in your system and what kind of protection you require and who are the faceless criminals targeting your personal or business information. But before you could become proactive for your safety, it is essential to understand what you are facing or fighting.

So, let’s get started.

Types Of Hacker:

White Hat Hackers

Meet the right guys in the internet world. White Hat Hackers also are known as ( Ethical Hackers ) are the cybersecurity experts who help the Government and companies by performing penetration testing and identifying loopholes or vulnerabilities. They also do other methodologies and helps to get protected by Black Hat Hackers and other malicious cyber crimes or viruses.

white hat hacker
White Hat Hacker

In simple words, White Hat Hackers ( Ethical Hackers ) can be described as the right people on the internet who are on your side. They will hack your system or network with good intention and then finds loopholes so that they could be get fixed and helps you to remove the virus and other malicious content serving your computer.

Black Hat Hackers

Taking credit for the negative persona around “hacking,” these guys are your culprits. A Black Hat Hacker is a guy you should be worried about.

black hat hacker
Black Hat Hacker

Sometimes the agenda of these hackers are monetary, it’s not till that. These hackers find loopholes or vulnerabilities in the individual computer system, organizations and bank systems. Using any loopholes, they may find a way to hack into your network and gain access to your network.

Grey Hat Hacker

Grey Hat Hacker somewhere falls between both White Hat Hacker and Black Hat Hacker. For a while, that’s unpredictable the intention of these hackers as it might be good or bad. For illustration, a hacker who hacks into an organization and finds some bugs, might report that to the organization or use that information for personal use and spread that all on the internet.

grey hat hacker
Grey Hat Hacker

It all depends on the hacker. Nevertheless, as soon as hackers use their hacking skills for personal gain they become black hat hackers. There is a fine line between these two hackers. So, let us make this more easy to understand.

As a Grey Hat Hacker doesn’t use his skills for any of his gains, he is not a Black Hat Hacker. But also as he not legally authorized to fo these activities he could not be a White Hat Hacker too.

Script Kiddies

There is nothing to say to them hackers as the are newbies ( noobs ). These hackers don’t have good knowledge or don’t care much about coding. What these hackers do is download pre-developed attacking tools or use hacking codes that have been written down by someone else on the internet. They do these kinds of activities only to impress their friends or to gain attention.

script kiddies
Script Kiddies

However, they don’t care about learning. By using pre-developed tools or codes they launch some attacks and feel happy without bothering that the attack they did is a quality one or not. Some attacks that have been common in these hackers are DoS and DDoS attacks.

Suicide Hackers

This hacker type gets its name from the notorious Suicide Bombers. These are the people who cause a lot of damages before killing themselves. Similarly, a suicide hacker would know that his identity would be revealed, or he would be caught but proceeds to carry out a hacking attempt nonetheless. This could either be for money, or fame or even forceful, just like a suicide bomber.

Suicide Hackers


Hacktivists are protestors over the internet. They are just like a group of protestors in the real world stir up attention by marching on the street, this Hacktivist type of hacker would break into systems and infrastructure to ask for attention towards the social causes.


Hacktivism includes vandalizing websites and uploading some promotional material so that viewers would receive information based on hackers’ intention, not the developer of the website.

Red Hat Hacker

Again they are other good hackers to break the stereotype. Red Hat Hacker acts ruthlessly towards Black Hat Hackers. Their objective is to destroy the efforts of the bad hackers and then to bring their entire infrastructure down. A Red Hat Hacker looks out for a Black Hat Hacker, intercepts it and hack into the Black Hat Hacker’s system.

red hat hacker
Red Hat Hacker

Not only this, what they also do is also push the Black Hat Hacker out of the business.

Blue Hat Hacker

These hackers are again noobs much like Script Kiddies who have an intention to take revenge from someone who makes them angry. They also have no desire for learning and may use simple cyberattacks like flooding your IP with overloaded packets which will result in DoS attacks.

blue hat hacker
Blue Hat Hacker

A Script Kiddie with an intention of revenge could be also called as Blue Hat Hacker.

Green Hat Hackers

These hackers are non-professional in the online world of hacking. Considering them Script Kiddies is better but with a slight difference. These noob hackers have the desire to become a full-blown hacker and are very curious to learn to hack. You may find them in many online communities or groups who are bombarding their fellow hackers with questions.

green hat hacker
Green Hat Hacker

You can also identify these hackers by their spark of grow and their desire to learn more about hacking trade. Once you answer any of his questions, then the hacker will listen with undivided attention and ask another question until their queries end.

Social Media Hacker

This type of hacker is last on our list: Social Media Hacker. As the name describes these hackers focus on hacking social media accounts by using various techniques. This hacker type is similar to Black Hat Hacker for their criminal intention, data theft.

social media hacker
Social Media Hacker

You might often come across misused terms of hackers on the internet such as the purple hat hacker or the yellow hat hacker, but the above-mentioned types are the most commonly used and accepted categories in the world of hacking.

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