Apple Bug Bounty

Apple Bug Bounty Programe Released | Get Paid For Hacking iPhone

by Hardik Malhotra
Apple Bug Bounty

Apple’s bug bounty program has been developed, with rising the rewards for their security operators who all can hack Apple’s device whether it’s mac or it’s an iOS.

Its bug bounty program was first launched in 2016, the company’s presenting the rewards of up to $200,000 for searching susceptibilities in an iOS device that would naturally grant a raider to grab full control over the device beyond user’s co-operation.

During the Black Hat conference, which took place on August 3-8 in Las Vegas, the security head of the company (Ivan Krstic) disclosed some significant changes to the program.

Accordingly, the reward would be heightened to $1,000,000 and would automatically enhance to all the platforms of the company (iOS, macOS, cloud, iPadOS, tvOS, watchOS).

Certainly again, for achieving the good control of the device accidentally, without the user’s co-operation.

It’s been announced that there would also be smaller rewards of up to $500,000 for announcing different types of susceptibilities; for example, by crossing an iPhone’s lock screen with good access will net you $100,000, and while executing code through a user-installed app is up to $150,000.

In its pre-release builds, the company would also announce a 50 percent bonus if any bugs found.

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The program’s news was first reported by Forbes, which reported that Apple would give it’s security operators jailbroken iPhones for finding susceptibilities and to make the whole process simple and smooth for them.

The figure offered by Apple is quite big but as we all know it’s Apple and nothing’s impossible for the company as nowadays it’s grabbing the market.

However in 2016, a security company namely Zerodium offered more for a “zero-day” iOS hack and the experts of security could sell the security for even bigger sums to named corporations or government.

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Hopefully, the next update will be more exciting.