Apple Battery Replacement

Apple Is Locking iPhone Batteries To Discourage Repair-August 2019

by Hardik Malhotra

Apple is effectively announcing a drastic new policy: that Apple iPhones could only go with an authentic Apple battery and only Apple official Service Care can install them.

As per the new report it has been observed that Apple has been using a mechanism in their iOS devices that essentially make a popup of the error message if anyone rather than Apple technician attempts to install a new 3rd party battery in an iPhone – even if itself is Apple Authorized battery.

The report has been gathered from Craig Lloyd of iFixit who and shows the warning message how it looks like. As seen user receives a “Service” notification alerting the device holder that the new battery has some problem and then it directs the user to the Settings app.

“Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple battery. Health information not available for this battery.”

The warning message looks like as above.
Apple Battery Replacement

As iFixit revealed that this service message has recently been seen in Apple iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max. If you want to see this warning service error in action with a tear-down of an iPhone, so have a look at the video from “The Art of Repair” YouTube channel, who spotted the problem first:

As shown in the video, this error persists if you install an authentic Apple-made Apple-branded battery itself. You will get this warning, it doesn’t matter if you replace the battery or a third-party repair shop does. If the battery is not replaced by the Authorized Apple Care definitely you would be receiving the same warning.

As we all know that Apple has one feature in the Settings app which is battery health, which notifies us about the health of the battery and when it required to be replaced with a new one. To be clear your phone will work as usual but you wouldn’t be able to check the battery health status which can be crucial to know when to replace the battery again. It’s not a bug; it’s a feature Apple wants. Unless an Apple Genius or an Apple Authorized Service Provider authenticates a battery to the phone, that phone will never show its battery health and always report a vague, ominous problem.

The only way around this is – paying Apple money to replace your iPhone battery for you. Apple’s internal diagnostic software resets this “Service Error” indicator & again you would be able to access your battery health information on your iPhone.

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This Is A User Hostile Choice To Get Health Feature Back

On an iPhone battery, there is a micro-controller chip that shows us “Battery Health Feature” in our iPhones. technically, it’s possible to remove that micro-controller chip from the original Apple battery of your iPhone and then carefully soldering the chip on the new battery you are swapping too. This will make your battery health feature to work back. But damn sure no one would take this risk, as it’s not for who have a faint of heart.

Why Apple Did So?

This pattern of behavior proves, once again, that Apple is out to stop all repairs performed by anyone except Apple themselves. The company claims that using third-party components or parts can compromise the integrity of an iPhone’s functionality, but when genuine Apple parts have the same problem, then clearly it’s not really about third-party components at all: it’s about preventing you from having any autonomy with a device you supposedly own.”

Apple says that “You Bought It, you own it, then you should be able to fix it”Pairing batteries to the iPhone is a gross overreach.

So the conclusion here is that Apple doesn’t want to compromise with their product quality and want to maintain their brand value furthermore well as their market monopoly.

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