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Apple MacBook | Apple Will Switch Their Old Keyboards | Why Apple?

by Hardik Malhotra

Apple MacBook line ups would be updated soon with their new keyboards.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from TF International Securities has released a new report, as Apple Insider spotted, which specially focuses on the keyboard supplier that would work with Apple.

As per the report apple might replace their laptop keyboard mechanism from butterfly to scissors. The first laptop that would come with scissors keyboard is long-rumored MacBook Pro 16-inches. Release of this laptop has been updated and rumored, at some point during the last quarter of 2019 instead of 2020.

Apple MacBook

Apple shouldn’t stop there as the company is already working on the new updates for all upcoming and previous laptops. By the end of 2020 all the series might be get updated with a new keyboard.

Apple MacBook

According to the timeline, it has been revealed that Apple could keep both MacBook Pro 15&16-Inches in a lineup now. According to the research maybe the upcoming new model will be more premium than the normal MacBook Pro 15-Inches. So, the next year MacBook Air 13-Inch and MacBook Pro 15-Inch could be switched with new Scissors Keyboard Mechanism.

Apple butterfly mechanism was first introduced for the 12-Inch MacBook back in 2015. The company gradually rolled out the new keyboard design across the lineup. But it has attracted a ton of criticism over the years as many people suffer from dropped keystrokes and repeated keystrokes. Debris can easily block keys, and the keyboard itself was very hard to repair. That’s why Apple has been running a free replacement program for all laptops that have a butterfly-based keyboard.

Now with the new design, Apple is going back to a customer trustworthy design. You could try scissors-based keyboard on some windows laptop and on Apple’s external keyboards. Company was even using scissor switches in MacBook laptops before replacing them with butterfly switches.

So, if this rumor is accurate then you will have to wait for few couple of months to get a premium laptop with more traditional keyboard design. But right now it’s on the way.

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Hopefully, the next update will be more exciting.