Find Lost Phone | How to find lost phone using using Google?

by Hardik Malhotra
To Find Lost Phone Using Google You Should Read This Whole Article Till The End

Losing a phone is probably very scary and most exasperating that can happen to anyone and anytime which is quite common nowadays. This is because phone is nowadays getting like our memory where we stores everything whether it would be personal details, bank details, passwords, messages, emails, and lots more. However, because of the advancements in technology it’s been easier to find your lost phone with the help of Google.

Basic requirements one should have to track their mobile phone is a working internet connection and log into all Google accounts with GPS turned on. Once you are done with these basic requirements, then you could find your phone no matters where it is.

You could recover your phone via Desktop or Mobile as well depends upon the availability of yours.

Follow these steps to do these steps from Computer(Desktop) :-

Find Lost Phone
Sign in to your Gmail account that has been linked in your lost or stolen device -> and then navigate, go to profile option on the top-right corner -> Now click on Google Account button.
Find Lost Phone
Now tap the security tab on the left side and scroll down.
Find Lost Phone
Now here you will get an option of Your Devices -> Click Find a Lost or Stolen phone.
Find Lost Phone
Now select the mobile phone that has been lost or stolen. For the example purpose I am selecting my Moto G5s Plus.
Find Lost Phone
Now enter the Gmail password.
Find Lost Phone
Now click on the locate button.
Find Lost Phone
And last step is to click on Agree.
Find Lost Phone
Boom! your Device has been located successfully. You could zoom in to get exact location.
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To Find Lost Phone using smartphone, follow these steps:–

Go to the Gmail app and click ‘manage your Google account’.
Now click on get started button.
Now click on the security tab.
Now click on the lost or stolen phone button.
Now read this carefully. Here I am using Moto G5s Plus to track Redmi Note 4 but if I track Moto G5s Plus with my Moto G5s plus mobile it will not work. So, here I am selecting my Redmi Note 4 to track.
Now here fill your login password.
Boom! Your Device has been located successfully. You could click on the green phone circle button to get exact location in Google Maps.

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