Google New Feature

Google New Feature | Call Any Emergency Service Without Speaking

by Hardik Malhotra

A new text-to-speech feature, Google is adding soon to contact emergency services for it’s Pixel users through which all the authorities of your location would be alerted with just a single tap. The most important thing is that the feature is designed for helping people who all are unable to communicate verbally as they are speech impaired or injured or having some or the other problem.

Google New Feature

The feature is right straight as the three additional buttons are been displayed during an emergency call on the Phone app such as “Medical”, “Fire” or “Police”. If any of these features is being pressed, a message with an automated voice service will be sent to the authorities that will tell the operator what kind of emergency the user is in, depending on the button you pressed. The feature works heedless of data connection.

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A user’s location will also be shared by the message with the help of phone’s GPS services and the plus code, which Google’s label for locations that doesn’t have a street address for better accuracy.

In a few months, the feature would be available in the US launching with their Pixel phones and with other selected android devices too. Google is collecting the feedback of their new feature from public safety organisations to make sure that their new feature is helpful and useful.

Although there’s no such news that the feature would be launching in India, it would be helpful for the people who are speech impaired to contact the emergency services on their own.

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Hopefully, the next update will be more exciting.