iPhone Jailbreak

Apple Providing Jailbroken iPhones To Researchers, To Find Vulnerabilities

by Hardik Malhotra
iPhone Jailbreak

iPhone Jailbreak is one of the trend going this tech world. People used to Jailbreak their iPhones for customization.

iPhone Jailbreak – The brand name itself Apple will be soon providing it’s security investigators with “jailbroken” iPhones so that it could be easy to find further susceptibilities in an iOS.

Talking about the report by Forbes, Apple initiated a new program at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas held on Thursday, August 8.

Reportedly, Apple would be relinquishing these iPhones only to those investigators who all are a part of its invite-only iOS bug bounty program. The relinquished iPhones would be “devices” as such one of the sources. The company’s viewpoint behind relinquishing out the unlocked devices to planners just to let them dig into the OS and to find out security susceptibilities.

The company aimed to assure it’s prized code, though as per the reports, operators are strangely to boost access to iPhones key firmware. In spite of the devices being unlocked, we are determined that they not be the same one as used by apple’s internal staff. With Apple’s used stock there would be “lite” versions available with a greater level of clearance code.

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At the Black Hat conference 2016, Apple disclosed it’s bug bounty program. Seeing it all, the company is disclosing it’s macOS as well and yet to on the same stage.
The company’s other plan is to disclose it’s new macOS bounty program which would honor those who catches and reports macOS’s vulnerabilities.

The Cupertino giant’s head of security engineering, Ivan Krstic is also expected to offer a “Behind the Scenes” preview at iOS and macOS on August 8, which is when Apple is expected to announce both its bounty programs.

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