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Apple Plans To Bring Touch Id Back In Their New iPhone’s By 2021.

by Hardik Malhotra

Adequately, the brand name itself Apple modified the way people consider facial biometrics with the iPhone X, abstaining the rumored under-display fingerprint reader for the accuracy and introduction of face ID, which became too convenient.


The rumors of Apple placing a fingerprint reader under the display just won’t go away. The Analyst of Apple Ming-Chi Kuo, who’s having a strong track record with Apple rumors, releases a report today declaring that Apple plans to bring Touch ID back by 2021.

Its Touch ID won’t replace Face ID. The company’s analyst prediction seems to be true because of Apple’s patents for under-display fingerprint readers and their excellent popularity on Android devices:

iPhone news

Talking about the technology, the prediction is that the four critical technical issues of FOD will automatically enhance in about 12-18 months, counting their module thickness, power consumption, sensing area, and lamination yield rate. Hence, it’s been believed that the new arrival of Apple will include both Face ID and FOD to improve both customer’s convenience and security.

The Global Times: Chinese Publication, proposed that Apple would include a fingerprint reader in a low-cost device aimed at the Chinese market.

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Ultimately rumors about the iPhone X launch firmly promoted the idea of an under-display fingerprint reader too which many of us know was not true at all. The company’s SVP Dan Riccio said in an interview in 2017 that Apple “spent no time looking at fingerprints on the back or the side”, passing the old design stages.

Apple’s two forms of biometric security strike me odd as for a company known for its simplicity and giving priority on quality over quantity. Besides it all, according to me, Face ID works excellently. Only in rare instances, it loses out to fingerprint sensor as of direct sunlight or if anyone tries to include the phone from an extreme angle (let’s say when the phone is on the desk). Touch ID could only help in these situations, but with improved technology available by 2021, Apple would surely improve their Face ID.

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Hopefully, the next update will be more exciting.