What is meant by Hacking ? What is Hacker – 3 Types of Hacker, detailed overview for Beginners

by Hardik Malhotra

So in this tutorial, we are going to talk about What is Hacking, What is a hacker and 3 Types of Hacker.

What is Hacking?

Hacking is a process in which we identify weaknesses in a computer system and its networks to exploit its weakness and gain direct access to anyone’s computer or smartphone or any network.


As we all know that computers had become our necessities in this 21st century, for both domestically and commercial purposes. To run a successful business it’s pretty mandatory to have a computer. It’s not enough to have a computer but they need to be networked to facilitate communication with the external business. This through people outside in the world of hacking.

Basically what hacking means is to gain direct access to anyone’s system to commit some fraudulent activities like fraud, privacy leaks, stealing the data of the system. Hacking is another cybercrime. In many of the business organizations, it is much necessary to set up a cyber team that holds their whole server or we can say entire data of the company to keep them safe from being stolen or hacked. This leads the company to cost millions of dollars every year. So businesses take the help of these cybersecurity experts to protect themselves from hacking attacks which may affect their whole business.

Before we go ahead, let us look at some hacking-related terms that are commonly used in the hacking world.

What Is Hacker?

A hacker is a person who finds bugs and exploits the weakness in the system or network to gain access. Hackers are usually fully skilled programmers who have good knowledge of computer security.

3 Types of Hackers?

Ethical Hacker: Also known as a white-hat hacker. White Hat Hacker or ethical hackers are those who gain access to systems intending to fix the issues or bugs of the system and identify its weakness. They also perform a penetration test and vulnerability assessments.

Cracker: Also known as Black Hat Hacker who can gain access to the system for their benefits or greed. They intend to steal corporate data, transfer funds from bank accounts, etc.

Grey Hat: This hacker comes in between of Ethical Hacker (White Hat) and Cracker (Black Hat Cracker). Their intention is neither like Ethical Hacker or like Black Hat Hacker. What they do is they gain access to the computer without permission/authority to identify the weakness or we can say bugs in the computer system and reveal them to the real owner of the system.

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