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Xiaomi Plans To Introduce Solar-Powered Smartphones In India

by Hardik Malhotra

For technological brands, Patents are simply inventions. One such patent is been filed by the brand name Xiaomi with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) for their smartphone which is featured with a solar panel on it’s back. The company thought of this feature with a simple aim of extending the battery life as it’s solar-powered soon to be seen in India.

Xiaomi filed this patent on July 27, 2018. As per the reports, LetsGoDigital the smartphone’s front will be with a full screen with no location of selfie camera, pop-up camera, notch or hole. Talking about the rear panel, it’s featured with a dual camera placed vertically, with a middle flash, so nobody knows if there would be a regular selfie camera or we can say anything unique. According to its sketches on the patent, there’s no fingerprint scanner, it makes sense since the rear panel seems largely covered with the unified solar panel.

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Probably, there’ll be an in-display fingerprint scanner. Talking about it’s unified solar panel, we can say it stands out from the crowd and it’s expanding firmly across the back and it charges itself using solar energy. Truly saying, it would be helpful for the people to recharge their phones using sunlight, without the use of any AC adapter or using any DC source or any type of wire.

The smartphone’s concept is unique and it’s not experimented yet by any other smartphone manufacturers. The chargers or adapters of these type of phones already exists in the market but are limited as they take a longer time to fully charge a phone and they only work under sunlight, which makes them unsuccessful. However we all know that Xiaomi is experimenting with the technology, we all are waiting to see it soon.

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